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    Project Details

    For this project you are going to further develop your assignment two code.
    • For starter, implement a searching and sorting method in your assignment two program so user can search and sort the records. You need to extend the assignment two menu options to add searching and sorting option and then program searching, and sorting method linked to the new menu options. You should ensure at least one student’s record has been entered and

    give an appropriate error message if it there are no students record entered and for the sorting option you must ensure at least two student records have been entered.

    o Search for a student record based on their name and ID. You can just use a simple linear search which will be case insensitive. If the search is successful display the details about the student record as below. If the search is unsuccessful display an appropriate message.
    o you will sort the records alphabetically (ignore case) by the student’s name and ID, you can use any sorting algorithm which you like, do not use any in-built sort methods. Display the sorted list after the sort is complete.

    • After finish coding searching and sorting, identify three more functionalities that may improve the grading system. For example, you may write a unit/course/enrolment functionality to link it with the grading system. Write down each of the functionalities in details and

    what improvements would they bring to the system.
    • Use the marking criteria at the end of this document as a guide to depth and breadth of the three functionalities.
    • Write pseudocode for the proposed three functionalities in your report.
    • Based on pseudocode write java code to integrate these functionalities in your assignment two application. For example, an enrolment
    class can be created that will allow students to record their enrolled units, status, and respective grade (if applicable). Please note, these new functionalities must be accessible by the users via the main menu of your application.

    Of course, if you just hand in assignment one or two you will receive zero marks. Also, if you have NOT submitted your assignment two then contact the Unit Coordinator or tutor on or before Week 10 latest so we can guide you to complete this Project.

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