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    i. The primary key is StudentID which identifies a student. There will be one student name per Student ID because only one name is recorded for each student. Even though a student may have multiple addresses (e.g., a home address and a work address), the case study states that there is a need to record the home address only and hence there will be only one address for each student. There will be only one date of birth for each student. Thus, there are no repeating groups. Hence, this relation is in 1NF.

    ii. The primary key is StudentID. This is the only candidate key since Name is not guaranteed to be unique (two different students may have the same name). Address is also not guaranteed to be unique. This means that Student ID functionally determines every other attribute in the table. There is a single valued simple candidate key (StudentId) and therefore no partial dependencies are possible. Hence, the relation is in 2NF.

    iii. Name cannot be used to functionally determine any other attribute in the table since two different students may have the same name: likewise for address and date of birth. Therefore, there are no transitive dependencies in the table. Therefore, it meets the requirements of first, second and third normal form.

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