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    Assessment item 1—Assignment 1 (COIT20247 T3 2019)

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    Case Study: CQ Grand Motels database system
    Central Queensland Grand Motels (CQGM) are a group of chain-branded motels, distributed in the towns of central Queensland region such as Rockhampton, Gladstone and Mackay etc. Each motel in the group is also referred to as a branch, providing accommodations and amenities for customers. The management of CQGM has invited you to build a relational database that will be used as the critical backend software component in their enterprise management system so that the relevant business data will be recorded appropriately and further information query will be processed efficiently. The major requirements of the proposed database system should maintain correct records on information such as branches, staff, customers, rooms, booking, room maintenance as well as advertising activities. Consider the following user requirements carefully and design a database conceptual schema (i.e. E-R model) to support such an application.


    Assignment Requirements:
    In this assignment, you need to create an Entity Relationship (ER) diagram relevant to the above case study and optionally perform logical design to produce appropriate 3NF Relations.
    The attributes for various entities have not been purposely described in the case study so that the students are encouraged to further research and list the pertinent attributes in addition to the required identifier for each and every entity in their ERD.
    1 Draw an appropriate ER diagram
    Use the symbols as prescribed in your unit-textbook to draw the ER diagram (ERD) for the above case study.
    Your ERD must
    • show all necessary entities, attributes and relationships
    • show identifiers/identifying attributes as necessary
    • show multi-valued attributes, if any
    • show participation and cardinality
    • show associative entities, if appropriate
    • show weak entities, if any
    • use the notation described in the set text
    • use consistent and appropriate naming for entities and attributes as specified in the unit text book


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