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    This assessment task relates to Unit Learning Outcome 2 and must be done individually. In this assessment task, you will analyse the scenario given on page 3 and develop guidelines for the specified policy for the hospital given in the scenario.

    Assessment Task
    You are required to analyse the scenario given on page 3 and develop guidelines for an Issue-Specific Security Policy (ISSP) on the ‘Acceptable Encryption Policy’ for the organisation described in the scenario. You should ensure that you support the guidelines you prepare with references and justify why those guidelines are necessary.
    Assessment 1 task contains two parts; part A is writing a report on the guidelines and part B is writing a reflection on the experience of completing the assessment task.

    Part A: The report for the given scenario should include:
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Discussion
    a Statement of Purpose (Scope and applicability, definition of technology addresses, responsibilities)
    b Acceptable ciphers and hash function requirements
    c Key Generation, Key agreement, and Authentication
    d Violations of Policy
    e Policy Review and Modification
    f Limitations of Liability
    4. References

    Please note that you might need to make some assumptions about the organisation in order to write this report. These assumptions should match the information in the case study and not contradict the
    2 | 7
    objectives of the report. They should be incorporated in your report. To avoid loss of marks, do not make assumptions that are not relevant or contradictory, or will not be used in your report discussion.
    Your discussion must be specific to the given case scenario and the discussion should be detailed with justification. Wherever appropriate please provide evidence of information (with proper referencing) to justify your argument.
    Please refer to external resources as needed. Please use at least 5 relevant references.
    Note: You must follow the Harvard citation and referencing guidelines when writing your report.
    Part B: Your reflection on completing this assessment may include (the word limit for part B is 500 words):
    • how you attempted the task, methods used,
    • any hurdle faced and how those were solved
    • what you have learnt
    • if you are asked to do this again, would you take a different approach? Support your answer with justification.

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