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  • Game concept document(6 marks):
    • Type of the game e.g. racing game, shooting game, strategy game etc.
    • Single player or multi-player game
    • Rules of the game such as
      • Game objectives
      • Winning and losing conditions
      • What the players can/cannot do
      • Game difficulty levels
    • Challenges that prevent the players from achieving their goals
    • Game environment and context
    • Why it is a good mobile game (1 paragraph)
      • Hint: research what make a good mobile game
    • Intended audience
  • Game design document(6 marks):
    • Functional requirements
      • List functions that the game will have
    • Non-functional requirements
      • List other requirements such as hardware/software requirements
    • User interface design details
      • Conceptual design of the interface with clear description of each interface element and its function.
      • Use cases i.e. how to users will navigate between the interfaces to perform different functionality.
      • Screenshots of the game interfaces implemented in Unity.
    • Why do you think your interface has a good design (1 paragraph)?
      • Hint: research what make a good mobile interface
  • Unity project that implements the game interfaces and some game mechanisms (6 marks)
    • Show skills in using Unity tools and assets e.g. game objects, materials, lights, shaders, textures, camera and physics.
    • Show skills in writing scripts to control and manipulate game objects using mobile device assets e.g. touch screen and sensors.
    • Show ability to use external assets such as 3D models and textures from third party sources.


  • The proposed game shows creativity and original thinking (2 marks)
    • Original thinking: 1 marks (no identical game idea)
    • Creativity: 1marks (novelty in mechanism and game rules)


Late penalties/ Plagiarism




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