COM 362 Argumentation And Advocacy

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    COM 362 Argumentation and Advocacy is a course or subject that focuses on the principles and methods of argumentation and persuasion. It aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively construct and present arguments and to advocate for their positions on various issues.

    The course covers topics such as the nature of argumentation, the role of logic and reasoning in argumentation, the use of evidence and appeals to emotion in persuasion, and the ethics of argumentation and advocacy. It also emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and analysis in evaluating arguments and identifying fallacies and biases.

    Overall, COM 362 Argumentation and Advocacy plays a crucial role in preparing students to become effective communicators and advocates in various fields. It enables students to develop the skills needed to construct and present persuasive arguments, to engage in productive dialogue with others, and to advocate for their positions on issues of importance.

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