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    COM 362 is a course in communication that focuses on argumentation and advocacy. In this course, students learn about the principles and strategies of effective argumentation and advocacy, with a focus on critical thinking, persuasive speaking and writing, and ethical communication.

    The course typically covers the following topics:

    1. Introduction to argumentation and advocacy: This includes an overview of the principles and concepts of argumentation and advocacy, and their importance in public discourse.
    2. Critical thinking: This includes an introduction to critical thinking skills, such as analysis, evaluation, and synthesis, and their application in constructing and evaluating arguments.
    3. Persuasive speaking: This includes strategies for developing and delivering persuasive speeches, such as establishing credibility, appealing to emotions, and using evidence to support arguments.
    4. Persuasive writing: This includes strategies for developing and structuring persuasive essays, such as developing a clear thesis, providing supporting evidence, and addressing counterarguments.
    5. Ethical communication: This includes an exploration of ethical considerations in argumentation and advocacy, such as avoiding logical fallacies, respecting diverse perspectives, and maintaining integrity in communication.

    Overall, COM 362 is an important course for students as it provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively communicate their ideas, persuade others, and engage in productive dialogue in a variety of contexts. By understanding the principles and strategies of argumentation and advocacy, students can become more effective communicators, critical thinkers, and advocates for their ideas and beliefs.

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