Contemporary Issues M31743

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    Contemporary Issues M31743

    Select a global/international brand, organisation or sector and critically analyse and evaluate its recent marketing activities or practices in relation to ONE of the following criteria: technology, health and wellbeing or environmentalism. You must discuss how the chosen global/international brand, organisation or sector has dealt with the criteria from a sustainability and ethics focus. That is, how the contemporary issues of sustainability and ethics are impacting on the organisation’s technology, health and wellbeing or environmentalism marketing decision.

    For example, during COVID 19 consumers relied on AMAZON home shopping for deliveries. How ethical was it for AMAZON to purchase vast amounts of cardboard packaging? What effect did this have on sustainability of global forestation? How did their economic purchasing capacity impact small firms? Was this marketing opportunity detrimental to the marketplace, consumers and world environments? These are some of the issues you could discuss in your essay.

    A further example is an exploration of the societal impact of COVID on consumer’s health and wellbeing. The over reliance on fast food deliveries from companies that rely on digital platforms, such as DELIVEROO. What impact did this have on workers’ rights to fair employment? What impact did this have on consumer’s health at a time when there is a global diabetes epidemic ensuing? What are the ethical considerations of fast food advertising to consumers constrained in homes during lock-down?

    If you are unsure of a suitable topic please discuss with your seminar tutor.

    Detailed guidelines
    The following general guidelines and marking criteria will be supplemented with specific assessment content advice and formative feedback in class, and in Moodle videos/ other content, and in one-to-one formative feedback sessions.

    Module learning outcomes
    Assessment 2 covers learning outcomes (LOs):
    LO4 – Able to identify, analyse and critically evaluate the key issues in contemporary marketing research and practice.

    Word counts
    Word counts exclude reference lists and titles. Students are NOT permitted to exceed the word limit by 10% or any other amount. The word count should be stated at the end of your essay, just before the reference list. Failure to state a word count will result in a penalty of 5% of the original mark awarded. A falsely stated word-count is an assessment offence which may result in a penalty, including the reduction of the mark to 0%.

    Font size should be between 11 or 12 and ‘easy to read’ e.g. Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman. Line spacing should be between 1.5 and 2. The Header must include the student number and the Footer must include a page number. The essay must be written in third person. Tables, Figures and Appendices are not required in this essay. Words will be counted for any original work done that is put into a table.

    Submission hand-in arrangements
    Students are required to submit their coursework assignment to Turnitin via the link on the module Moodle site. Students are encouraged to submit drafts through the Turnitin student checkpoints prior to the submission deadline. There are mark penalties for late hand in

    (Corruption of computer files is not an adequate excuse for late hand in, as work should be adequately backed up.)
    PLEASE NOTE that the deadline for submission is 11.55pm on the submission date – this means that your assessment must be fully uploaded by 11.55pm. Assessments uploaded at 11.55pm or later will be marked as late. Students should submit in advance of the final deadline wherever possible. Computer uploading delays and other IT difficulties are not accepted as extenuating circumstances.

    If there is a problem with Moodle at the time of submission students should email their coursework to with the following details: Student number, module name / module number, course you are studying, screenshot of the error.

    Referencing requirements
    Students must reference all sources using the APA 7th. Guidance on this method of referencing can be found at Reference should be made to the primary source, except when the primary source can no longer be obtained. Poor citation of sources will result in a loss of marks. Referencing is required to give intellectual credit to your source, help your reader recover your source easily and to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Students are reminded that the University will not tolerate academic dishonesty in any form. This is cheating.

    Plagiarism: Students are reminded of the need to avoid plagiarism. The University Regulations describe plagiarism as follows,

    the incorporation by a student in work for assessment of material which is not their own, in the sense that all or a substantial part of the work has been copied without any adequate attempt at attribution, or has been incorporated as if it were the student’s own when in fact it is wholly or substantially the work of another person or persons.
    Any student suspected of plagiarising will be referred for an Academic Misconduct Hearing. Students should ensure that all sources are fully cited in the reference list and that indentation or quotation marks (as appropriate) are used when quoting. Failure to include a reference list will result in a 5% penalty.

    Electronic copy of work
    Students should retain an electronic copy of their coursework, so that it may be checked by a member of staff should a member of staff feel the need to do so. Tutors are entitled to request an electronic copy of coursework if they have any doubt about the accuracy of the stated word count and/or any suspicion of plagiarism. Failure to send an electronic copy of the coursework to a member of staff who has asked for a copy may result in a penalty.

    Feedback on your work
    Marking will be done in accordance with the module marking criteria grid below and the University of Portsmouth grading criteria for UG level 6. Marks and feedback will be available 20 working days after the submission date (Monday-Friday). General formative feedback will also be provided in class sessions and on Moodle, and there will be the opportunity for in-class one-to-one formative feedback on drafts of work.

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