COUN3271 Positive Psychology – Assessment 1

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    COUN3271 Positive Psychology – Assessment 1

    Week Due Week 6, Sunday at 11.55pm (AEST/AEDT)*
    Assessment Type Reflective Writing Journal
    Weighting 50%
    a)     Classify and apply key theories and techniques of positive
    Learning psychology
    Outcomes b)     Critically evaluate the theories, techniques and evidence-base of
    positive psychology


    2000 words (+ / – 10%)


    400 words per week x 5 weeks (excluding references)

    Assessment Details and Instructions Purpose:
    The purpose of the journal writing is for students to develop and apply critically thinking skills as they voice their thinking and responses to what they are learning in this unit. A reflective writing journal is an ongoing personal connection with learning. Reflecting on these learnings
    supports students evaluate learning, link theory with practice, and integrate a range of knowledge. A reflective journal task requires students to critically and reflectively think about the content they are learning. In writing a reflective journal entry, students are to clearly communicate what their key learnings are from the weekly content using approximately 400 words per week (use a MS Word document).

    The purpose of this task is for students to develop and apply critical thinking skills as they voice their thinking and responses to what they are learning Week 1 – Week 5 (inclusive):

    Introduction to Positive Psychology Subjective Wellbeing
    Positive Emotions
    Positive Health Resilience


    Students journal about the most interesting ideas they discover during each week
    Students should critically reflect on their learning, linking theory / research with personal and professional insights There should be a fairly even balance between personal / professional reflection and reference to theory / research Each journal entry should be approximately 400 words (excluding references).
    APA citations should be included throughout the weekly reflections.
    There should be one reference list that appears on the last page of the assessment, under the heading “References” (rather than a separate reference list for each week’s entry)


    Student submits reflective journal (using a MS Word document) to the online class space assessment dropbox (Turnitin)

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