CSM80009- Procurement & Risk Management in Projects Assignment Help

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    Part 1

    Question 1

    1. Provide a risk assessment report for the ageing infrastructure in (i) a transport sector OR (ii) amanufacturing  Also, discuss your suggestions for the maintenance of chosen ageing infrastructure asset.

    Question 2

    (i) By assuming procurement/ project delivery for a major infrastructure project (e.g. energy or roads or water) in a particular region, prepare your risk assessment report and ‘Bowtie risk analysis’ for any one of following scenarios: (a) The main contractor becomes insolvent e.g. after 65% of project deliverables/ milestones have been completed; OR (b) A major specialist sub- contractor becomes insolvent during a critical stage of projectdelivery;


    • Assume that your organization is planning for transformation by adopting novel/ disruptive technologies to enhance competitive advantages. You are required to prepare a SWOT (i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis report for any one of following: (a) Autonomous Robots; OR (b) 3D Printing; OR (c) LIFI and Visible Light Communication (VLC); OR (d) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV).

    Part 2

    Question 1

    Consider a Hospital complex construction project in Queensland. In the initial risk planning for project costing, the project

    risks are clustered into following components:

    • excavation and ground water infiltrationrisks;
    • geotechnical risks for foundation and other substructure construction (i.e. affected by eventual geotechnicalconditions);
    • weather related risks for superstructure construction (excludingfinishes);
    • risks related to interior and exterior finishes (mainly by means of rework andchanges);
    • labour union problems during the projectdelivery
    • inflation risks (i.e. with respect to economy growth and central/reserve bankrates);

    The estimators/ cost planners are asked to think of 3 scenarios (i.e. best, most likely and worst case) for each ‘clustered’ component, attributing a probability and value to each scenario. The combined probabilities of all those scenarios for each component must add up to 100% (as they are mutually exclusive scenarios which cannot occur together). Specific details are in the following table.

    CSM80009- Procurement & risk management in projects assignment help

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