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    CW2- 2500-word PDP Assignment help

    Module Summary

    The module offers each student the opportunity to reflect on their own qualities as an emergent leader and/or manager, and to consider how to develop themselves to successfully lead their future practice. The overall aim of the module is to develop leaders with the confidence and skills to become competent and reflective leaders.

    Assessment Information- This module will be assessed via two assessments: CW1 Individual 15 min voice recorded presentation and CW2 PDP (Personal development plan).

    Coursework 2 – Personal Development Plan (PDP) (2500 words) covering LO 3 – 4

    Intended Module Learning Outcomes

    1. Critically analyse the theories of leadership, evaluating the characteristics of a modern healthcare leader.
    2. Critically evaluate the complexity of leadership and teamwork in the global healthcare environment.

    Assessment Task

    Achievement of the intended module learning outcomes are assessed using a PDP intended for the assessment of Learning Outcomes 3 and 4.

    The summative assessment for this module requires students to submit a Personal Development Plan (PDP), that will contribute to the Global Healthcare Management Portfolio and forms the basis of their learning across the course, including practical application through the professional experience modules for students enrolled onto the MSc with Professional Experience. This coursework component requires that you develop some SMART goals, intended for achievement within the duration of your Master’s degree period, which then becomes formative, along with other coursework components from modules across the course in completing the summative coursework for the Global Healthcare Management Portfolio module 7144SOH.

    Coursework 2: is a 2500-word PDP to address learning outcomes three and four. All the PDP goals must be achievable within the duration of your Master’s degree. All learning outcomes must be achieved to obtain a pass grade. This assessment accounts for 15 credits of your overall 20 credits for this module’s mark.

    We suggest you choose the outlined approach to PDP below using SMART objectives:

    Please find below the template for the PDP:

    Please use the box under each SMART goal using citations to provide supporting narrative, with paraphrasing to support your SMART goal, addressing the two learning outcomes. Your SMART goals must be achievable within the duration of your Master’s degree.

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