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    Part C: Developing and Sourcing Analytics Capabilities (800 words, 12 marks)
    Instructions: You are the Chief Analytics Officer for a large multinational corporation in the
    communications sector with operations that span India, China, the Philippines and Australia.
    The organization is undergoing significant transformations; it is scaling back operations in existing
    low revenue segments and ramping up investments in next generation products and services – 5G,
    cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).
    The business is keen to develop its data and analytics capabilities. This includes using technology
    for product innovation and for developing a large contingent of knowledge workers.
    To prepare management for these changes, you have been asked review Accenture’s report
    (see link below) and publish a short report of your own that addresses the following key
    1. How do we best ingrain analytics into the organisation’s decision-making processes?
    2. How do we organize and coordinate analytics capabilities across the organization?
    3. How should we source, train and deploy analytics talent?
    To help you draft this report, you should review the following working paper from Accenture:
    The report is prepared for senior management and the board of directors. It must reflect the needs
    of your organization and the sector you operate in (communications).

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