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    DGTL11005  WEB DESIGN Assignment Help


    This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes 1, 4 and 5, as stated in the unit profile.


    Focus on Flowers is a fictitious two-day flower show that is organised annually in the community of Claybrook by a local garden centre named Henshaw Nursery. This assignment requires you to create a mockup of a single web page promoting the event. The mockup should be created with Adobe Photoshop or a similar image-editor and saved as a single PNG image file. You must also write a report about your design choices.

    Design brief

    For the purpose of this assignment, imagine that Henshaw Nursery is a leading distributor of plants, gardening and landscaping supplies in the community of Claybrook. The business requires you to design a single web page that encourages people to attend the 2018 Focus on Flowers event. The flower show is a two-day event organised by the nursery that brings together people who have an interest in flowers, such as professional horticulturalists, landscape designers, florists, and individuals who enjoy gardening as a hobby.

    The event will be held on 1st and 2nd September 2018 at Evergreen Park. Show hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. The admission price is $10 for adults and $8 for seniors and students. Children who are 12 years of age and younger are admitted free.

    The flower show will feature masterful landscape and floral displays, live demonstrations and educational classes, more than 50 vendors exhibiting and selling gardening merchandise, musical entertainment, and activities for children. Food and drinks will also be on sale. The program of events is provided below.

    Saturday 1st September 2018

    10:00 am. Orchid growing lecture and demonstration 11:00 am. Herb garden lecture and demonstration 12:00 pm. Floral arranging competition 1:00 pm. Flower show awards presentation 2:00 pm. Pruning lecture and demonstration 3:00 pm. Garden lighting lecture and demonstration

    Sunday 2nd September 2018

    10:00 am. Lawn care lecture and demonstration 11:00 am. Garden makeover lecture and demonstration 12:00 pm. Window box decorating competition 1:00 pm. Floral arranging lecture and demonstration 2

    2:00 pm. Composting lecture and demonstration 3:00 pm. Bonsai lecture and demonstration

    Contact details for people who require more information are provided below.

    Address: 16 Rural Drive, Claybrook SF 6022 Phone: (09) 4177 6813 Fax: (09) 4177 9265 E-mail: admin@henshawnursery.com

    The business has contracted you to design a single web page that encourages Claybrook residents to attend the Focus on Flowers event. This assignment does not require you to create an actual web page, but rather a mockup or image file that shows how the web page will appear. Mockups are commonly used to get feedback from clients as part of the design process.

    The target audience for the web page includes anyone who has an interest in flowers, from professional horticulturalists, landscape designers and florists through to people who enjoy gardening as a hobby. The design of the web page should have a floral theme that conveys a delicate, gentle feeling. The design should include photographs of flowers, but don’t rely solely on images to communicate your message. Choose images, fonts, colours, shapes, textures and other design elements that suit the theme.

    The flower show has a logo, which can be downloaded from the unit website along with the assignment details. The logo should be integrated into the website. The logo may be resized, but no colour changes or other modifications are permitted (see Figure 1-1).

    Figure 1–1: Focus on Flowers logo

    Mockup requirements

    The mockup that you create for this assignment must be a single PNG image file that shows how the completed web page will appear on a computer screen measuring 1024 x 768 pixels. The mockup must not be an actual web page constructed with web technologies such as HTML or CSS code. It will be a design saved as single image file. Imagine that the mockup will be shown to the client for feedback before the actual web page is developed.

    The mockup is of a single web page, not a multi-page website. No navigation links should be depicted in the mockup. No word-limits apply to the information presented on your page, but try to ensure that the amount of content is appropriate i.e. not too little and not too much.

    The mockup should be created with Adobe Photoshop or a similar image-editor. Prepare the mockup with the aid of the template that has been supplied on the unit website along with the assignment details. The mockup must be 1,024 pixels wide with an image of a web browser interface at the top, 3

    as shown in the template. The height of the mockup may be any value between 768 pixels and 1,500 pixels. Crop the template to suit the height of your web page design. Save the mockup as a Photoshop PSD file during development and export it as a PNG file for submission when it is complete.

    The layout of the web page within the mockup should conform to the 960 grid system, which is described in Study Guide module 3. The grid provides a static layout with a fixed width of 960 pixels, upon which blocks of text, images and other page elements can be positioned in a structured way.

    In summary, the total width of the mockup must be 1,024 pixels, and the width of the web page design within it must be 960 pixels. The height of the mockup may be any value between 768 pixels and 1,500 pixels (see Figure 1-2).

    Figure 1–2: Dimensions of the mockup and the web page design within it

    Original content required

    With the exception of the logo and the template, no content (text, photographs, illustrations, etc) will be supplied to you for this assignment. You must produce your own content for the web page using the design brief as a guide. This may involve activities such as conducting research, writing text, taking photographs, or editing images.


    You must own the copyright in any images (photographs, illustrations, animations, etc) that you use in your web page. In others words, you are restricted to using images that you have created yourself from scratch. You may not use clip-art or royalty-free images. You may not download someone else’s image from the Web. You may not scan someone else’s image from a printed publication. You may not capture a screenshot from software that someone else has created. You may not take someone else’s image and alter it to create a new image. 4


    The text in your web page should be suitable for the intended purpose and target audience. Do not simply reproduce the text from the design brief word-for-word. You must own the copyright in the text that you use in your web page. In other words, you are required to write the text yourself. If you need to quote, paraphrase or summarise the words of another author for some reason (e.g. to substantiate your statements), references must be provided in small type at the foot of the web page. The prescribed referencing system for this unit is the Harvard system, which is also known as the author-date system or the name-year system. An Abridged Guide to the Harvard Referencing Style can be downloaded from the following address:

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