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    Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES Edupack 2018) Software

    CES software is a tool designed to aid in the process of materials and manufacturing process selection.

    1. i) a database of information on materials and processes

    Covered in Year 1 (EAT104)

    (ii)  a selection tool for materials and/or processes

    CES is a powerful tool in helping to choose the most appropriate materials and manufacturing processes for engineering components.  In this module (EAT 227), we are going to concentrate on process selection.  Next year, in the module EAT341/342, we will turn our attention to materials selection.

    In the task which is described below, you will gather much of your information from CES.


    Part 1:  Navigation through Processes

    1. Open CES software.  Choose Aerospace database.
    2. In “Browse” mode, select Table:  “Process Universe” and Subset:  “All Processes”.
    3. Choose oneprocess from each of the 3 categories available (Joining, Shaping and Surface Treatment).
    4. In your own words, give a summary of each of the 3 processes chosen.  For each process, make sure you include information on (i) the nature of the process, (ii) the types of materials which can be processed in this way and (iii) the characteristics of the components which are produced by the process (size, shape, dimensional tolerance etc) and (iv) economics of the process.

    EAT227- Manufacturing Processes Mechanical Engineering Assignment help

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