EDMA163 Exploring Mathematics And Numeracy

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    EDMA163 is a course that explores mathematics and numeracy, which aims to provide students with an understanding of the nature of mathematics and its role in contemporary society. The course covers a range of topics related to mathematical thinking and problem-solving, as well as the development of numeracy skills in students.

    Some of the topics that may be covered in the course include:

    1. The Nature of Mathematics: The course may begin with an exploration of the nature of mathematics, including its history, fundamental concepts, and the ways in which it is used in various fields.
    2. Mathematical Thinking and Problem-Solving: The course may explore the processes involved in mathematical thinking and problem-solving, such as reasoning, abstraction, and generalization.
    3. Numeracy Development: The course may examine the development of numeracy skills in students, and the role of teaching and learning in this process.
    4. Assessment and Evaluation: The course may cover different approaches to assessing and evaluating student understanding of mathematics and numeracy, such as formative and summative assessment, and the use of standardized tests.
    5. Technology in Mathematics Education: The course may explore the use of technology in mathematics education, including the use of calculators, computers, and educational software to support teaching and learning.

    Overall, EDMA163 aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematics and numeracy, and the skills and knowledge needed to teach and evaluate these skills in the classroom. The course encourages critical thinking and inquiry-based learning, which will enable students to develop effective teaching strategies and approaches that support the development of mathematical and numeracy skills in their students.

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