EE5002/5002J – International Operations and Sustainability

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    International Operations and Sustainability Assignment help

    Assignment Information:

    This coursework is aimed to test your understanding of the concepts and tools taught on the Module International Operations and Sustainability , and your ability to apply them to answer the questions in the assignment.

    Please make sure that any resource you use is acknowledged. All work you submit must be solely your own work. For more information on Referencing, Citing and Structuring Bibliographies please click here.

    Learning outcomes assessed are your understanding/knowledge/etc. of:

    • Ability to Critically analyse and debate advanced operational paradigms and how they are integrated together in managing international operations , including TQM, BPR, Lean, Mass Production , Smart Factories and Agile Operations in global organisations.
    • Ability to Evaluate and demonstrate advanced understanding of the concepts of CSR , applications to different contexts , and application of theories and practices (Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance , Ethics) for critical analysis of relevant business organisations.
    • Ability to examine the strategic options and techniques available to corporations in the pursuit of their International Operations to achieve competitive advantage and implement a successful business strategy globally.
    • The ability to identify the problems and issues faced by corporations in their international operations in the areas of Ethics, CSR , Human and Labour Rights, and Sustainability , and the ability to provide Senior Management of a leading corporation with recommendations as to the implementation of a successful International Operations Strategy for business success.
    • The ability to write a professional business report to Senior Management in business.
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