Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism

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    Subject Code: HAT304 Assignment Help

     Subject: Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Assignment Help

    Assessment Description
    In this individual assignment, you will be given an opportunity to explore contemporary issues affecting the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Australia by conducting an extensive review of
    the current and scholarly literature. This will enable you to pursue self-directed learning and
    practise useful communication skills by writing an informed and well-versed report.
    Choose one of the tourism topics that were covered in weeks 2 to 5 (I HAVE SELECTED Ecotourism), and conduct extensive research of the most recent scholarly and peer-reviewed literature. Please note that the date of publications should NOT exceed eight years. In reviewing the found literature about your chosen type of tourism, you are required to:

    1. Map and draw the potential traveller’s touch points within the selected tourism type. You may wish to provide a chart or diagram in this section.
      II. Identify and analyse the central issues in each of the traveller’s touchpoints;
      III. Critically analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of current solutions aimed at minimising the effect of identified issues.

    Your investigation report MUST follow a professional structure:

    Traveller’s touch points Chart/Diagram
    Identified Issues
    Critical Evaluation of Effectiveness
    Reference List (You MUST use Harvard Referencing Style)
    You are required to use and reference at least 12 sources of information. These may
    include government publications, industry reports, and journal articles.

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