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    ENGL 105, Intensive Composition and Reading, is a course designed to enhance students’ reading comprehension and writing skills. It emphasizes critical reading, analysis, and effective writing strategies. Here are some key components of the course:

    1. Reading Comprehension: The course focuses on developing students’ ability to comprehend and analyze a variety of texts, including literary works, essays, articles, and academic texts. Students learn strategies for active reading, identifying main ideas, making inferences, and evaluating arguments.
    2. Writing Process: ENGL 105 emphasizes the writing process, which includes prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Students learn techniques for generating ideas, organizing their thoughts, developing strong thesis statements, and constructing well-structured essays.
    3. Essay Writing: The course provides instruction and practice in writing different types of essays, such as expository, argumentative, and analytical essays. Students learn how to effectively present and support their ideas, use evidence and examples, and create logical arguments.
    4. Grammar and Mechanics: ENGL 105 addresses grammatical rules, punctuation, and sentence structure to enhance students’ writing proficiency. It may cover common grammar errors, sentence clarity, and proper use of punctuation marks.
    5. Research Skills: The course may introduce students to basic research skills, including conducting academic research, evaluating sources, integrating research findings into their writing, and citing sources appropriately using a specific citation style.
    6. Critical Thinking: ENGL 105 aims to develop students’ critical thinking skills through close reading, analysis, and interpretation of texts. Students learn to evaluate arguments, identify bias, analyze rhetorical strategies, and develop their own informed opinions.
    7. Writing Style and Voice: The course may address elements of style, such as tone, word choice, and sentence variety. Students learn to develop their unique writing voice while adhering to appropriate academic conventions.

    Through a combination of readings, writing assignments, and classroom discussions, ENGL 105 helps students improve their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing abilities. The course provides a foundation for effective communication and prepares students for further academic and professional writing tasks.

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