ENO300- Advanced mechanics Management Mechanical Engineering Assignment help

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    Code- ENO300 Assignment help

    Subject- Mechanical Engineering Assignment help


    (a) Identify the reaction forces at the supporting points A and B.

    (b) Determine the internal bending moment M(x) and derive the moment−deflection equation.

    (c) Find the expression of deflection curve by integrating the equation and applying the boundary conditions.

    A simplified diagram of an overhead travelling crane is shown in the Figure below. The girder, with square cross section, and the wire rope, with circular cross section, are made of steel, i.e. E = 210 GPa.

    (a) Model this system in terms of mass and stiffness each clearly identified and explained.

    (b) Design the girders and wire rope such that the natural frequencies of the system are greater than the operating speed of an electric motor located in the trolley of 1500 rpm.

    ENO300-   Advanced mechanics Management Mechanical Engineering Assignment help

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