Entrepreneurship Assignment (MPU3233) – City University

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    There are 5 main types of Entrepreneurs, which are:

    • Intrapreneur
    • Technopreneur
    • Copreneurs
    • Social Entrepreneurs
    • Cyberpreneur

    Choose 1 type of the entrepreneur and you are required to explain the definition and choose one successful entrepreneur under that categories (within Malaysia) and explain:

    • Why you said that he/she (the entrepreneur) falls under the chosen type
    • What makes them to be a successful entrepreneur?
    • What are the same characteristic between you and that entrepreneur? 4 points discuss.
    • How can you develop yourself to be as him/her?

    MPU3233 – Entrepreneurship – City University Assignment help

    This project enlists five main categories of entrepreneurs- Intrapreneur, Technopreneur, Copreneurs, Social entrepreneurs and cyberpreneur. The learner needs to choose any one category of entrepreneur from Malaysia and explain definition and points which have been outlined in the question file. Entrepreneurship is actually an act of setting up your own business by taking all the risks for making profits. Looking at the relevance of entrepreneurship in generating innovative business ideas, there are several universities and colleges which have come up with many Entrepreneurship related management programs.

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