EVN301 Events Policy and Strategy!

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    Your task is to choose a Council’s (or relevant governing body’s) event policy to analyse in relation to an event that has taken place or will take place. You will share your findings in a group post and partake in discussion by commenting on your peer’s analysis.
    Step1: Choose an event policy
    You can choose an event policy from the list below or alternatively source your own:
     Waverley Council Events Policy
     National Capital Authority Events Policy
     Warrnambool City Council Events Policy
     Liverpool City Council: Event organisers’ information kit & event guidelines
     City of Casey Events Policy
     Adelaide Hills Council Policy: Festivals and Events
    Step 2: Provide an overview of an event that has happened or is in the planning process that would need to adhere to the chosen policy.
    For example:
     If you chose the Manly Local Council Event Policy an event that would need to adhere to the policy would be the Annual Manly Jazz Festival
     If you chose the Hunter Valley Council Event Policy an event that would need to adhere to the policy would be A Day on the Green
     If you chose the Canberra/ACT Event Policy an event that would need to adhere to the policy would be the Australian Running Festival
    Step 3: Provide examples of parts of the policy that the council officer would have to take into consideration when evaluating the proposal
    Evaluate the positive and negative impacts that the event will bring to the local community. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Could measures be put in place by the Council / event manager to reduce negative impacts?
    Step 4: Discuss how the event delivers on a strategic objective of the governing body, either implicitly or assumed.
    You may draw upon examples already discussed throughout the course, for example:
     Encouraging tourism
     Showcasing local attractions
     Promoting local business skills and initiatives
     Generating revenue for local business through event leveraging
     Promoting local arts and culture
     Acknowledging and promoting local heritage and culture
     Promoting the contributions of diverse communities
     Encouraging community development
     Drawing people together, fostering social, economic and service networks
     Promoting civic pride
    Step 5: Comment on another post
    You are to critique and make a constructive comment on at least one other person’s post. This comment must be thorough and go well beyond simple praise. For example, you can do this by commenting either with additional examples of positive and negative impacts that the council officer would need to consider prior to approving or supporting the event; or by identifying a strategic objective that the event is aligned with.

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