The McQuarrie hotel had been a landmark mid-size hotel (280 rooms) in Sydney for over 20 years.
Following the successful sale of the hotel the new owners have decided to engage a consultant to
revitalise the hotel to meet current and future customer needs. The Hotel has maintained success in the
past however confronted with a dynamic environment the hotel requires continual analysis and

You and your organisation have been successful in gaining the consultancy for the McQuarrie hotel. Your
task now is to examine a number of areas to help the new owners make a successful and profitable hotel.
Task 1: The new owner is excited about new and modern systems that are available within the industry
and has requested you to highlight new systems that will enhance the customer’s experience, provide
organisational efficiency from a staff and systems perspective and improve profitability.

Task 2: will be to evaluate a number of new customer sectors (e.g families, corporate clients, leisure
guests, international tourists etc.) and identify what provisions within the accommodation facilities and
services would need to be provided to each sector.

Students are to produce a report of no more than approximately 600 words on each the following tasks.

Your response should be reflective and consider a wide range of resources. You should research using
all of these sources: Internet, library texts and educational journals to clarify your position. You should
refer to material from at least 10 credible sources such as research book s (not text), journal articles
(online journal articles) and at web sites (general websites). Based on these readings, you should
prepare an informed business report.

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