The articles selected as the ‘gateway’ to the literature on the various topics are nominated in the Lecture/Tutorial
Schedule. Choose one of these articles from week 1 to 6 as your core article.
Provide a brief summary of the core article enough to identify four key questions arising from that article which you will
Identifying keywords in the article will also assist your further research.
Using Proquest, do a literature search identifying at least one article relevant to each of the four key questions that you
have identified. Then summarize each of the articles you have linked to the four key questions and demonstrate its link to
the question you have identified in the core article.
You are actually constructing a mini-Literature Review. You must complete it with a Bibliography in Harvard referencing
Evaluation Criteria:
1: Requirements are minimally addressed, information is unclear and/or not well-developed.
2: Requirements are fairly well addressed but not all information is fully explained or supported.
3: Requirements are fully addressed and supported by rich, pertinent details; leading to high-level idea development

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