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    Assignment Tasks – Summative Assignment (LO 3 and 4)

    You have just been appointed as Engagement Officer for a Care provider in the heart of London. The care home provides a range of care services at various locations; a 99-bed care home in London, and provide domiciliary care for 50 clients in an outer London Borough.
    The organisation has many challenges within it, including a high staff turnover, failing standard with Care Quality Commission and a bad relationship with the local community. There is low morale, but the staff are well paid.
    The senior management of the organisation includes the Chief Executive Officer, Finance Director, Operations Director, Nursing Home Director, and Domiciliary Care Director. There are two team leaders who look after 40 nursing staff in each team.
    As Engagement officer, you have been asked to come up with a Communication Strategy that will improve the relationship between staff and management, and other stakeholders.
    Using the above, answer the following questions:
    1) Using the stages of team development, how would you motivate the teams to achieve their goals? (35%)
    2) Identify 5 possible barriers to communication within the organisation and give recommendations to how those barriers could be overcome. (35%)
    (70%) (2,000 words)
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