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This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment
is designed to improve student research and writing skills and to give students experience in
researching the literature on a specific topic relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter. Students
will be expected to complete a literature review to discuss a contemporary Database storage, access,
design or Information design issue which an IS professional may experience. Students will critically
analyze current academic papers then present their work in a detailed literature review and analysis.

This assessment will be completed individually. All students must have a different topic. Students
can choose to write about the same technology, but the approach and the thrust of each paper must
be different. To ensure this uniqueness, each student must decide on a topic and email their topic
and title to their tutor within the first 2 weeks. Your tutor will respond with an approval or with a
message that you will either need to choose a different topic or to change the thrust of your paper.
You tutor may decide to do this for you. Once it has been approved you should begin by working
towards the first deliverable.

This assessment is worth 40% of the units grade is is a major assessment. Students are advised to
begin working on this assessment as soon as you have your topic approved

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