HI6050 Contemporary Workplace Project

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    This assessment is intended to extend and explore students’ ideas about the conduct of scientific research and working as a member of a team, whilst simultaneously determining the current limits of students’ knowledge, skills and understanding.

    Some of the topic areas, which may give you some ideas as to what you could discuss in your self-reflection report include:

    Part A: Learning Experience

    Write about what you learnt by doing your research project. For example, you may want to elaborate on the following topics:

    • Investigating the literature to identify knowledge gaps, formulate research questions and define aims and objectives.
    • Assessing the significance of a given research problem and the ability to demonstrate the importance of research.
    • Understanding various research methods and the ability to choose the right method for research.
    • Conducting literature reviews and judging articles based on merits and the ability to reconcile knowledge to answer research questions.
    • Analyzing and reporting the results of scientific investigation with no bias or personal interpretations.
    • Building-up discussions and making conclusions out of findings, supported by evidence and logical interpretations.
    • Communicating the results of research to a diverse range of audience and the ability to reflect and respond to questions.

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