HLTH3058 Community Health Project 1

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    Community Health Project 1 Assignment help

    How to complete the assessment

    Before you begin the task, read through the information provided carefully, and read through any supporting resources to ensure that you understand what is required. If you have any queries, use the assessment discussion forum, and contact your tutor.

    The project proposal is a document you present to potential clients or your managers to obtain funding or to get project approval. It contains key information that enables evaluation of the project. Please note, a proposed budget is usually incorporated in a Project Proposal to evaluate estimated project costs. For the purpose of this course, you will provide the project budget information in your Assessment 2, Portfolio task 3: Project Plan.

    It is written in the early stages of the project, and has minimal detail and estimates for resource allocations. Once it is approved, the detailed Project Plan is written. Note that while it is important to add as much detail as you can in the Project Proposal, it is common for there to be changes as the proposal is developed into the final Project Plan. 

    This proposal will form the basis for your Project Plan (Assessment 2 Portfolio Tasks 1, 2 & 3)

    The project proposal must be structured as follows (a template is provided for you to complete and submit):

    • Project description: This should be a paragraph which summarises the proposal and states the health issue that the project aims to address (150 words)
    • Background: Explain the problem or opportunity which the project will address using evidence from the data (150 words)
    • Goals, objectives and strategies: Outline the key goals, SMART objectives and strategies of the proposed project (300 words)
    • Alternative options considered: Briefly outline any other options you considered (150 words)
    • Implementation: Describe how the project will be implemented (150 words)
    • Recommendation: Make a recommendation for action (100 words)

    As you have only 1,000 words, you must write succinctly and precisely about your proposal. Tables, graphs, references, and images are not included in the word count. You must put them into appendices if they are larger than half a page. Use full sentences, except where indicated.

    Remember to refer to the marking guide for this task, to ensure that you have addressed all the criteria for the task.

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