HM2022: Organisational Structure and Effectiveness

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    Unit code: HM2022

    Unit Title: Organisational Structure and Effectiveness

    Assessment Title: The impact of organisational structure on management innovation and performance

    Assignment 1 Specifications


    This assignment aims at applying theoretical and practical knowledge of organisational structure and design in evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s structure and strategies in terms of management innovation and overall performance.

    Each student is expected to:

    i. Select a company or organisation in Australia and write a formal report on its structure and strategies.

    ii. Get approval of the nominated company from your lecturer by the end of week 6. This will be approved on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis.

    iii. Perform academic research on the nominated company to identify and assess the effectiveness of the current structure and strategies in terms of management innovation and overall performance

    iv. Make some recommendations based on your research and knowledge of the unit concepts.

    Assignment Structure should be as the following:

     Title Page 

     Executive Summary

     Brief Introduction and Background information on the selected company

     Section 1: Overview of the company’s organisational structure, strategies and possible reasons.

     Section 2: Impact of the company’s structure on management innovation

     Section 3: Impact of the company’s structure on overall business performance.

     Recommendations: Provide suggestions and recommendations on how your chosen company can improve innovation and performance.

     Conclusion

     References

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