HRMT 20024 human resource management

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    human resource management Assignment help

    This assessment requires you to write a report on current human resource
    management challenges in the Australian context in any one of the two sectors
    (manufacturing or service sector).

    When identifying these challenges, you are expected to refer to at least five (5)
    topics/themes we discussed during Weeks 1 to 12.

    Please refer to Assessment 3 – Template for further understanding of ways you can
    link your weekly topics/themes to this assessment.

    Your report structure is provided in a template, and includes:
    ■ Executive summary
    ■ Table of contents
    ■ Introduction
    ■ Sector context
    ■ Current human resource management challenges for the chosen sector
    in Australia
    ■ Conclusion and recommendations
    ■ References

    Your report should refer to at least eight (8) relevant peer‐reviewed journal
    articles including the articles presented in your Assessment 2 (Annotated

    Specific evidence related to Australian‐context and the chosen sector can come from
    other references such as books, conference papers, book chapters,
    magazines and news articles. However, these will NOT be counted as part of the 8
    peer‐reviewed journal articles mentioned above.

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