HS6002 Public Health Ethics and Law

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    Public Health Ethics and Law Assignment help

    Using the Four Fs model:

    1. Facts: An objective account of what happened (200 words)
    2. Feelings: The emotional reactions to the situation (300 words)
    3. Findings: The concrete learning that you can take away from the situation (300 words)
    4. Future: Structuring your learning such that you can use it in the future (200 words)
    In this assignment, you will reflect on different situations raised in class, or experienced outside the classroom, in which you were challenged in some way about health ethics.

    1. You will at first report on the situation/s, giving a factual account, answering the questions – What? Who? Where? When? – to provide context for your reflection.

    2. In the second section, you will share how the situations made you feel and which emotions were raised, even if there were conflicting emotions arising. You can review your highs and lows around the situation, whether you felt more or less involved, and if your feelings were tied to your abilities to be active or passive in the situation.

    3. In the third part, you can start to make judgements, thinking about How? and Why? If the reflection is about a discussion in class with which you agreed or disagreed, thinking about how you acted, or why you acted or responded (even if internally) would be insightful. Some justification and relation to theory or other examples would be useful here. How do your feelings relate to ethical theory or principles? What other principles might you be following?

    4. In the final part, you can start to think about the future – in your role as policymakers or decision makers in health care, where the situations described above may come up again. What have you learned based on the situation above? What would you do or think differently? What would you retain? How will these evaluations help you going forward?

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