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Assignment on Human Resource Development

Introduction: Case analysis provides you with the opportunity to learn by doing. Therefore, real case analysis is an essential part of any business management course. Accordingly, you have to identify an organization that you want to study. Specifically, the organization that you choose must be the one that has a Training and Development wing. Instruction: 1. Group yourself into a team of 3 to 5? based on your intimacy of relationship or otherwise 2. Prepare a comprehensive write up on “Practices of Human Resource Development” of the organization of your choice/preference (public, private, NGO, etc.) that has a training, education and/or…


Developing a strategic human resource plan for Tree Top Foods (2019)

CASE STUDY PROJECT: Developing a strategic human resource plan for Tree Top Foods (2019)  


BUHRM5912 Human Resource Management

code: BUHRM5912 subject: Human Resource Management Write an individual report on any of the following scenarios within a 2500 word limit. [Choose only one scenario for your individual assignment] Scenario 1 In Australia, ‘on 1 July, 2017, certain penalty rates in the Restaurant, Hospitality, Pharmacy, Fast Food and Retail awards [sic] have changed. The changes affect penalty rates for some permanent and casual employees working on Sunday, public holidays, evenings or after midnight in these awards (Fair Work Ombudsman, Australian Government, 2017, p.1). Given this backdrop, examine how this change in the legal environmental factor has impacted the HR planning, job design…


Short Essay: Competency of MNC HR Director

Short Essay: Competency of MNC HR Director Value: 15% Length: 1000 words(+/-10%) Submission method options: Alternative submission method Task In multinational corporations, Human Resource Directors are responsible for developing strategies for the management of employees within the organisation, in all locations across the globe. Assume that you are the CEO of a multinational corporation. What are some of the key competencies will you expect from your HR Director. Why? Use minimum of 5 academic references to support your discussion/answer.  Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer   You can order the Short Essay: Competency…


HRMG201 Human Resource Development

Code: HRMG201 Subject: Human Resource Development   The purpose of this assignment is to undertake research to identify key issues that face organisations related to training and development. In this assignment you are required to: Research and review the key theories, models and concepts for human resource development in relation to training and development Identify the importance of training and development to sustainable organizational outcomes Use this research to recommend how training and development should be implemented in a large multi-national organisation.   You can order the HRMG201 Human Resource Development assignment from our service and receive a completely high-quality custom paper. Our…


HRMT11011 Human Resource Management Assessment task 2—Academic Essay

HRMT11011 Human Resource Management Assessment task 2—Academic Essay Purpose This written assessment is designed to assist students to develop skills in the analysis of human resource issues based on relevant human resource theories and models. The secondary purpose of this assessment task is to give students the opportunity to enhance their analytical, critical thinking, and written communication skills, particularly in the areas of developing an argument and essay writing. Description You are required to research and write an ACADEMIC ESSAY. You should establish your argument and provide evidence from your research of academic and other appropriate sources to support your argument….


HRMT11011 Human Resource Management

Code: HRMT11011 Human Resource Management Assessment task 1 Annotated Bibliography (Individual task) Task Details Your task is to compile an Annotated Bibliography of three recent peer-reviewed journal articles, which will support your Assessment 2- Essay on ‘Changing Face of Work in Australia‘. 1. Identify three (3) academic peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to the Assessment 2 Essay topic. One of these journal articles is prescribed and you must use it*. You should search the academic literature to identify an additional two academic peer-reviewed journal articles. It is recommended that you undertake your research via the online ‘search’ of CQUniversityLibrary. These must be…


HRMT19020 Assessment details for all students

Code: HRMT19020  Subject :Assessment details for all students Objectives This assessment task relates to UNIT learning outcomes numbers 1 to 3. Purpose This assessment task gives you the opportunity to enhance your research, analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills, particularly in the areas of developing argument and report writing. Description You are required to write a BUSINESS REPORT. You are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature (peer reviewed journals) relevant to the task and evidence your argument from scholarly sources as well as other relevant reference material, including using organisational examples. This assessment is designed to further…

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