ICT110 Introduction to Data Science Assignment Help

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Code – ICT110
Subject – Introduction to Data Science Assignment Help
Data Science is the process of extraction, creation and processing of data in order to execute it into business value. It involves creative thinking, innovative ideas and mechanisms for solving problems, novel source and structure of data. Our expert team at plagfree.com helps students, managers as well as analysts in solving real business problems using data science concept. Data Science professionals provide learning service from simple introductory part to practical, technical and statistical skills. Data Science includes data gathering and its illustration, data repository, data management solution and its retrieval, data visualization and analytics solution that is indispensable for any business. Additionally, the influence of big data and business analytics on business performance can be analyzed. Furthermore, you will be taught how to develop communication between data scientists and business stakeholders, how to work on organization data science projects and how to think data-analytically in order to get your business profited and fully appreciate how data science methods can support business decision-making.
Subjects that we handle in ICT110 Introduction to Data Science Assignment help are:
Module1: Introduction Data Science and its list of components such as Statistics, Data Engineering, Visualization, Domain Expertise and advanced computing
Module2: Understand Basic Data Manipulation using R programming language
Module3: Basic and Advanced Machine Learning Concepts using tool R and Mahout
Module4: Data Architecture using tool Hadoop
Module5: Mahout Introduction and Algorithm implementation
Module6: Data Analytics using R
Module7: Project
Module8: Analyze some real-world use-cases with the help of R, Hadoop and machine learning
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