ICT112 Creative Problem Solving with Programming

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    Creative Problem Solving with Programming Assignment Help
    Creative Problem Solving is a proven approach to solve everyday complex problems by utilizing creative tools and techniques. It aims is to teach the students about the simple computer programming ways and tools in order to work out on real-life problems. It exhibits more innovative ideas, flexible methods, systematic approaches and programming skills that can be applied in numerous application domains such as science and engineering, business, MIS, CIS,  web designing as well as in game development.
    Topics covered in the ICT112 Creative Problem Solving with Programming Assignment Help include:

    Knowledge of useful fundamentals like list creation, list sorting, mapping and parsing strings is supplied

    Simplification and reusability of code using object-oriented programming concepts like classes, functions, recursion, pointers are also taught

    Designing of algorithms that will simplify the coding part and enable you to solve any programming problem easily without any error or any duplication in code

    The main focus of Creative Problem Solving training is on Divide and conquers strategy that uses creative and critical thinking in order to tackle challenging problems.

    Help in other computer sciences courses such as Java programming, python language, case studies is also provided so that students can get better command of problem-solving and programming techniques

    Introduction regarding designing, exception handling, and testing debugging, inheritance is also given.

    Assessment Tasks in ICT112 Creative Problem-solving process includes:

    First is, Computer workshops that cover small Python programs and assessment are done based on creative thinking to solve issues.

    Next is, Python Programming Assignment that demonstrates a short report about program and algorithm design used for problem-solving.

    Last is, Final Examination is MCS quiz exam that is conducted in order to assess strategy adopted by an individual for software development and business problems.

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