Identification and explanation of a health issue

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    Identification and explanation of a health issue Assignment help

    You’ll complete this task in Week 3.

    In this task, you are moving from establishing a broad understanding of public health to exploring a specific public health issue.

    Using the broad public health issue identified in portfolio task 1, you now need to describe the issue. This should include a description of the burden of disease or burden of the issue and the population at risk.

    Note that your answer here might be directly relevant to your submission for the Assessment 1 Poster, so check out the requirements for that assessment before you start this one, in case you want to use what you produce here for your poster.

    Your answer should be succinct, clearly and logically structured, and contain no grammatical or other errors of expression. You must correctly reference any sources which you used to help with your rationale (see the Referencing section below).

    Submit your answer as a Word or PDF document, uploaded to the submission link.

    Refer to the rubric to see how your submission will be marked.

    Your final submission should be approximately 500 words long  (+


    (You can about chronic illness or mental health issue please choose one only)

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