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    Assessment :  Strategic Report

    Value: 40%

    Length: =3,000 words (+ or – 10%) excluding Bibliography


    The coursework element is based on submission of a 3000word report. This will take the form of an analysis of a case study in strategy. The purpose of the assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of strategy.

    An early choice of topic will allow you to plan your work schedule to ensure that the coursework is prepared and written up at a steady pace as the module progresses.


    Take a company of choice. Make a critical assessment of the external and internal environments and give your justified recommendations for a strategic way forward.  Suggest how the company could maintain growth given the potential changes in competition from around the world. Given the low word count, it is expected that most of the analysis will be done through the application of models, tools and frameworks showing your understanding of these areas.

     Marking Criteria

    Structure and Argument           25%

    Analysis and Theory                  25%

    Background reading/evidence  20%

    References and Bibliography    20%

    Presentation and Style               10%

     Work which exceeds the word limit will be penalized. Important factual material, such as key financial information, may be included in an appendix in addition to the 3,000 word limit along with the bibliography. It is an important skill to be able to write concisely.

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