ITAP2013 Software Engineering Assignment

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    Where? Near Restaurants

    The “Dinning Closely” is a GPS (Global Positioning System) based mobile and web application which helps people to find the closest restaurants based on the user’s current position and other specification like price, restaurant type, dish and more. The main advantage of the system is the customers can check the availability within the restaurant and book tables for number they want. Further, they can order their dishes before they arrive and give approximate time of arrival. Not only that they can pay for the orders before they are physically present in the restaurant. The application should be free to download from either a mobile phone application store or similar services.

    Restaurant owners can provide their restaurant information using the web based system designed to enter their information. This information would include the name of the restaurant, type, opening hours, prices, address, and etc. This information will act as the bases for the search results displayed to the user. The booking system of the restraints are called by the special gateway system to update the restaurant availability.

    An administrator also uses the website to administer the system and keep the information accurate and updated. The administrator can, for instance, verify restaurant owners and manage user information. Further, administrator is responsible for adding GPS information of the registered restaurant to the database.

    Furthermore, the software needs both Internet and GPS connection to fetch and display results. All system information is maintained in a database, which is located on a web-server.

    The software also interacts with the GPS-Navigator software which is required to be an already installed application on the user’s mobile phone. By using the GPS-Navigator, users can view desired restaurants on a map and be navigated to them. The application also has the capability of representing both summary and detailed information about the restaurants.

    1. You are working as a Business Analyst / Software Engineer for StarSoft Pvt. Ltd. company in Melbourne. Your manager came up with the above idea and asked you to develop a software specification analysing feasibility, functional and non-functional requirements.

    As the first task, you should develop the requirements specification for the proposed system in page 2. In your report, you should clearly indicate the assumptions and any constraints.

    The specification should have following sections. However, you could add other topics based on your assumptions.




    Definitions, Acronyms

    Constraints ……

    2. Draw use case diagram and clearly indicate actors and use cases. You can use Ms Visio, Ms Word and any online tool.

    3. Select FOUR use cases and write use case scenarios with preconditions and post conditions.

    4. Draw class diagram for the above system. Clearly indicate classes, possible methods and message calls.

    5. Select FOUR functionalities and design User Interfaces. You could use some wireframe designing tools such as Balsamiq (Use trial version). Present your wireframes.

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