ITC 521 Programming in Java 2(8)

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    Subject -ITC 521 Programming in Java 2(8)Assignment Help

    This course trains the learners to apply as well as to analyze the advanced and object-oriented programming techniques through the utilization of the Java libraries. The main goal of programming in the Java course is to create robust and highly constructed GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications which would be interacting with the problem domain objects and also with the relational databases.

    The key areas which are covered in our Programming in Java academic assistance solutions

    The topics which are covered under the Programming in Java academic assistance services:

    • Java GUI (Graphic User Interface) components
    • GUI construction
    • Interpretation of the UML (Unified Modelling Language) class diagrams
    • Streams, serialization along with the multi-threaded applications
    • Reusable software through Java beans
    • Management of relational databases through JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
    • Java socket programming


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