ITC504 – Assessment item 5 – Mobile application

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    ITC504 Assessment item 5 – Mobile application

    Value: 15%
    Due Date: 18-Oct-2020
    Return Date: 09-Nov-2020
    Submission method options: Alternative submission method

    You must read the Performance Horses case study in Interact Resources before starting this assessment item.

    Your Performance Horses control panel design has been a success and you have been asked to design a mobile application version of the control panel.

    The owners would like each employee to have their own copy of the mobile application, so they can check their roster, look up information about horses from any location on and off the property, and also check tasks as complete or input information.

    1. Create a set of wireframes for the Performance Horses mobile app design that matches the control panel (60 marks). This set should show:

    a. Wireframes for all pages in the Performance Horses mobile app (10 marks)
    b. All screen components for each page (10 marks)
    c. Navigation between pages, such as buttons, breadcrumb trails, etc. (10 marks)
    d. General placement for all items on each page. This can be in the form of a template where, for example, a table could be used to show a picture or logo of a system, etc. (10 marks)
    e. Help functions for users (10 marks)

    2. Create a click-through prototype of your wireframes using Balsamiq Mock-ups Links in presentation mode (see ( details). When the links in your presentation mode mock-up are working correctly, then export your presentation to PDF (see ( ( This PDF file is what you will submit for assessment. (20 marks)

    3. Write a Word document (.doc or .docx) that discusses:
    a. How the design decisions for the mobile app are different from the original control panel design, and your reasoning for these changes. (10 marks)
    b. Should the navigation path of the mobile app differ from that of the original control panel. (10 marks)
    c. How does the mobile app meet the requirements described in the case study. (10 marks)

    This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
    • be able to explain the relevance of integrating aspects of the human, social and organisational context into the design process.
    • be able to demonstrate and articulate the importance of the principles of design that are applicable to the design of an interface.
    • be able to evaluate the effective usability of an interface and recommend changes to improve its usability.
    • be able to design a user interface to meet a given set of requirements.
    • be able to design a usability strategy to ensure that an interface meets its usability goals.

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