ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation – Assessment item 1

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    ITC571 Emerging technologies and innovation – Assessment item 1

    Project Title, Abstract, Blog & Progress Reports


    You are required to prepare for this Assessment Item by:

    1. READING the Subject outline,
    2. COMPLETING Topic 1 Finding a suitable Capstone research project and
    3. PLANNING for your Project and Assessment Tasks in ITC571 early and BEFORE the start of session.

    While this is unusual, it is necessary so that you will be prepared and ready to start from Day of session. You can’t afford to delay topic selection and so you should complete Task 1 by the DUE DATE at the end of Week 2 at the latest, as you will fall behind schedule and it can be hard to keep up to date.

    The Project Title and Abstract of headings below will guide your thinking on the project.

    Task 1 is Submitted as an Interact2 Discussion Forum post or as otherwise informed by your lecturer.


    Post a copy of Task 1 into the Discussion Forum in Interact2, before the start of session with your Project Brief (Interim quick plan) AND the address of the Blog site that you will use for project tracking, weekly progress reports and documentation.

    Your blog can be an interface holding copies of all your Assessment Tasks in ITC571.

    The email message and Discussion Forum posting must be submitted BEFORE Day 1 of session for Approval.

    Project Title and Abstract

    The project title and abstract is your starting point. It is a document upon which the full Project Proposal and Plan will be based in the next assessment task.

    1. Project Title: 12-15 words maximum
    2. Abstract: 150 words on the list a to e below (as best as you can by week 2)
      1. Project Problem Domain: Why are you doing this? Is the Key Research Question ready?
      2. Background/Context/Description: Workplace or personal project?
      3. Project Aim/Objectives:
      4. Deliverables/Outcomes:
      5. Resources:
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