ITECH2002 Systems Modelling – Dynamic Modelling, Screen Design and Test Plans

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    Subject Code: ITECH2002

    Subject Name: Systems Modelling

    Assessment Task


    This assignment has group work and individual work components. Please note although we require only one report for the group and individual components, we will be able to track your contribution to the group work component. The following sections describe the tasks for the individual and group work.

    Task 1 – Individual work

    With reference to the model you built as a group, document the following:

    1. The identification of the system or subsystem you were working on.

    2. Find two of the most complex use cases you have submitted in assignment one. The use cases must not be from the written case study in assignment 1. Also make sure at least one of the use case is used by internal users (not customers), because we want to avoid students taking screenshots of existing applications and submitting the screens. For each use case:

    a. Describe the process for each use case in plain English as in Tutorial Six.

    b. Then, develop an extended use case from the description.

    c. Finally, develop the activity diagram and system sequence diagram.

    2.1  Each activity diagram must have at least one decision making, parallelism or loop. If the diagram has no such features your extended use case might be incomplete: you must revisit your use case to ensure that it is complete.
    2.2  Each system sequence diagram must have at least one of the following: a loop, optional or alternate frames. If the diagram has no such a frame you must revisit your use case to ensure that it is complete.

    3. Develop the screen prototype and test plan for one of the use cases selected in step 2 above. The test plan must be for the same use case as for the screen design.

    Task 2 – Group work

    Develop a high-level Invision screen design which links to the screen of each member. Share with your lecturer and tutor the link to your team’s InVision screen design. Group marks will be allocated to the top-level menu or initial screen and for consistency of look and feel across different functions.

    The top-level design does not have to realistic; for example, students working in marketing or payments could link to the same top-level screen. But you need to make sure that users can go to each screen from the top-level screen. The purpose of having a common top-level screen is to give you the experience of creating screens as a team.

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