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    Prepare a business report of about 1500 words that gives an ethical analysis of the issues raised in the case study. In particular (at least), include in the report responses to the following sub-t

    • Provide a defence, on ethical grounds, for the decision to bid for the contract with a figure below the estimate costs.
    • Identify the potential consequences to the project client of accepting this aggressive bid;
    • Who else suffers or is at risk of suffering as a result of this aggressive bid being accepted?
    • What duties is the project manager aware of, 3 days before project delivery is due?
    • What duties is the test engineer aware of, 3 days before project delivery is due?


    Professional IT Culture

    Faculty of Science & Technology

    • The ACS Code of Professional Conduct extends the meaning of the six ethical values with requirements that contribute to observing the values. Examine the code and identify requirements (using value numbers 1-6 and a requirement letter) that are relevant to this case study. Explain for each requirement identified how it should be applied in this case study.

    • Deborah and Wayne are attempting to resolve the ethical dilemma that they have. Having completed your ethical analysis provide advice as to how they should proceed, summarizing your reasons.


    The description of the six values is amplified in the ACS Code of Professional Conduct:

    Examples that can be used to illustrate points made in the essay can be found in 33 case studies (each with pointers to the six ACS values) in the ACS Code of Professional Conduct Case Studies at:

    At least three additional resources should be used in the preparation of your report.

    Standards Required

    1.The structure of the business report should be as described in the source at: Additional headings should be used within the body of the report as appropriate.

    2.The introduction section should clearly indicate the issues being discussed and provides an overview of how it is intended to address these issues.

    3.The body section of the report should contain an evaluation of the ACS values against each of the philosophical theories in turn. The discussion should show an analysis of research undertaken that is synthesized with your own ideas. Writing should be validated with concepts from other people’s work.

    Gather these references from various sources such as the Internet, assigned text books and readings etc.

    4.The conclusion should be in your own words and should summarise your findings from the body.

    5.All uses of source material (including paraphrasing) should be acknowledged with both in-text citations and corresponding entries in the reference list. APA format is to be used. Refer to the APA citation style in the General guide to referencing at:

    6.Adhere to academic writing standards such as correct grammar and spelling. Demonstrate signposting in your writing.

    Assessment Feedback

    Student ID

    Student Name

    Elements Marking Scale

    Report structure and contents of executive summary
    Quality of introduction and conclusion
    Analysis – Aggressiveness of the bid
    Duties emphasized by Deborah and Wayne

    Application of the ACS Code requirements

    Analysis beyond the specified sub-tasks

    Proposed resolution of the dilemma

    Choice and use of resources, referencing accurate

    Writing skills – spelling/grammar accuracy, ease of reading,
    use of signposting

    Total Mark [45 marks]

    Weighted Total [15%]


    University of Wollongong. (n.d.). The Structure of Business Reports. Retrieved on 4th of November, 20

    ITECH7402 | Professional Information Technology Culture & ethics

    In this particular assignment, the student has to write a business report and carries out an ethical analysis of all the issues which have been talked about in the case study. The word limit for the business report is 1500. The references must be provided from the relevant sources. Write conclusion in your own words. Also, summarize findings of the study from the body of a report. APA citation style must be used for referencing.

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