ITSU 3009 Project 2 (Part II – Development of a Website)

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    WordPress, HTML, CSS and Java Scripting

    Website for Invio
    Invio was founded in 2015 by the John Smith and Peter Guild. With extensive experience and expertise
    in the computer industry. The Invio is a company provides IT consultancy and involved in doing
    networking or software projects for their clients. You are the group of software / networking expert
    group works for Invio.
    The owners were convinced that there was a need for online store that would not only provide the
    latest information about them, but most importantly gives a level of unparalleled customer service for
    their clients. A commitment to a simple business philosophy of John and Peter of Invio has become one
    of Victoria’ s most popular Information Communications and Technology (ICT) solution provider. John
    and Perter understood that they need to reach online customers for future success of the organizations.
    Therefore, they have asked you to develop a website to market their products and about them to the
    potential customers.
    Invio has a dedicated in their service to all customers. Invio has highly qualified network and software
    engineers to cater for services and also to develop and implement best solutions for their customers.
    Invio have gained invaluable experience and expertise over the years and continue to gain a success in
    the industry.
    What you should do?
    Invio management has asked you to develop a website for the organization.
    • Website should have around 6 pages
    ▪ Home
    In this page you should give you a good idea about the organisation. You can use images
    and your own description for that. It should be attractive and should be able to get new
    customers to Invio.
    ▪ About Us
    In this page you should add the history of the organisation, vision, mission and about
    the services (Software and Networking) that Invo is offering.
    ▪ Research
    This is regarding the research activities organisation is doing. (For this you should be
    able to list summaries of the topics that you are assigned in the first week. Assume they
    are the research activities done in the organisation)
    ▪ Contact Us
    In this page add address, google map show the location, phone numbers and if you have
    divisions the contact details of them.
    ▪ Projects and Clients
    You should create the page. And the information is yet to come. The details for this page
    will emerge from week 5 after giving the specification of networking / software project.
    The project we will be given to you is from a client and you should update the
    information of the status of the project in this page.
    ▪ Staff
    This is where you can publish you. Put your photos and give a brief introduction.
    Give a title for you in the team.
    • Each of those pages should use same or similar style, so that the pages look like they belong to the
    same website.
    • Each HTML page and CSS should pass the W3C validation.
    • Each page should have meaningful title (using the same title for all the pages is not considered
    • You should have a consistent navigation, for example if you have a menu which links to different
    pages, the menu should appear in the same place in all pages, so that users can easily find the menu
    and be able to navigate to different pages.
    • You should use one external stylesheet, and optionally internal stylesheets in different pages. The
    stylesheet should contain only the rules which are common more than 2 pages or all the pages. The
    internal stylesheet should contain rules which are used only in one particular page.
    • You should organize all the pages in a good structure.
    • You should be able to explain ALL the HTML, CSS and Java Scripts you have used for the development
    of the website.
    • You should layout your web pages using the layout techniques.

    • Your pages should be easy to read, easy to navigate. The text, border, background etc. should be contrasting, and don’t use too many different colors.

    • You should use at least 3 of the CSS techniques I introduced in the “CSS Tips & Tricks (1), (2), (3)”
    • You should have enough text and at least 10 images in your website. You’re also encouraged to add
    some multi-media contents (audio, video, flash etc.) if you want.
    • You should have at least a table and a list in your website.
    • Copying is not allowed. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT others work. Your mark is immediately set to zero if
    such action is detected
    • If you’re using an image or some text from somewhere else, you must clarify the origin of that
    resource in a comment in your HTML or CSS file, right before the resource you’re using.
    • Don’t submit something which is not considered good even on your own standard.

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