KHA734 Ethics And Professional Practice

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    KHA734 Ethics and Professional Practice is a course that focuses on ethical issues in various professional fields. The course covers the ethical principles and standards that govern professional behavior and decision-making.

    The course typically covers topics such as the role of ethics in professional practice, ethical decision-making models, professional codes of conduct, and ethical issues related to confidentiality, privacy, and informed consent. It also explores the ethical dilemmas that professionals may face in their work, such as conflicts of interest, power imbalances, and competing values.

    KHA734 may also cover case studies and real-world scenarios to help students understand how ethical principles apply to different professional contexts. Students will learn how to analyze ethical issues, make ethical decisions, and communicate their decisions effectively.

    Overall, KHA734 provides students with a deep understanding of ethics and professional practice. The course can help students develop critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, which are essential for ethical decision-making and professional practice. Additionally, this knowledge can be applied to a variety of fields and careers, including healthcare, law, business, and social work.

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