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    Submit a review report on the Lean Thinking (lego) game. Your report should adhere to the following structure:
    1. a waste/improvement/evaluation table providing:
    – a description of the problems identified in each round in terms of “7 wastes”,
    – a statement of the kaizen activities undertaken in rounds 1 and 2 corresponding to each waste, and
    – an evaluation of the improvement activities outcomes realised (14 marks);
    2. a description and justification of four additional, different, feasible improvements to the final round arrangement (12 marks);
    3. two value stream maps, one for the final round and one for a vision of a future ideal state incorporating, where possible, your response to Q2 (16 marks);
    4. an explanation of how you would re-organise your production system design in order to manage the production of a range of make-to-order products (using the same lego and duplo components as the standard products) in addition to the three standard products (8 marks).

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