Learning for Future Careers – EDU10011: Assessment 2

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    Assessment 2: Case
    Length: 1000 words
    This assessment involves completing the following FOUR (4) tasks:
    TASK 1: Identify and describe an example of an ethical dilemma you have experienced or observed in a workplace. If you do not have a suitable workplace example then you must choose one of the scenarios posted on the EDU10011 MySCU learning site and describe it using your own words.  
    TASK 2: Discuss how your values may influence your reactions to this ethical dilemma.
    TASK 3: Identify the three (3) main ethical questions raised by this dilemma. Use scholarly references to critically analyse these questions and propose potential solutions. One of your solutions must refer to specific sections of an existing Code of Ethical Practice and/or Conduct that could have assisted in addressing the ethical dilemma. This solution will explain how and why this code would have been useful.
    TASK 4: You must include at least four (4) scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters, and reputable organisation websites) in your assessment.

    The submission:

    The case study is to be written in report format, using formal “Academic English”.  Incorporate the following sections:

    Table of contents


    Dilemma description

    Values discussion

    Ethical questions and solutions


    References use Harvard

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