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    You are a web development agency which has started a new business stream, providing web services for sustainable digital marketing. Your business strategy is to develop websites and web services for organisations wanting to add sustainability to their marketing brand.

    You want to sell your new capabilities in different business sectors, which could include retail, financial services, hospitality entertainment. Create an idea for a marketing website, incorporating the sustainability piece, applicable to one of these sectors. This will involve some brainstorming, and also some research – there are several companies providing services in this space online. You are not being asked to design or develop the website, but to decide what it will be about and who it will be for.

    You will need to do some real-world background research to produce an informed answer.

    Supporting material





    GROUP WORK (1500 words equivalent)

    Your documents for Tasks 1 and 2 should be included as appendices for Task 3. 

    Task 1 – Specifying your idea     (25 marks)                            

    Use the Idea Sketch Pad to guide your thinking about your idea. Using the research you have carried out, populate the Sketch Pad with information about:

    • Your offering
    • Your prospective customers
    • Your value proposition
    • The people involved
    • Your core competencies (remembering that you are in a role as a web development agency).

    If you need to carry out further research, then do so. Make sure your contributions are realistic.

    Task 2 – Reviewing ideas            (5 marks)                    

    In this task, you should review your idea from the perspective of a “key stakeholder” and should use the  Idea Critique instructions to question your idea. This will expose any fuzzy thinking about the idea and give you the opportunity to fine tune it.

    State the stakeholder role and any adjustments to your idea needed from that role’s perspective.

    Task 3 – Draft business model    (25 marks)

    Using your Idea Sketch Pad, the comments from the Idea Critique and the business model specification provided, draft a business model for your new business stream (providing AR and VR websites for your chosen sector). You will find materials at http://nest.community/resources/ useful.

    You should assume that you will be showing your business model to a potential investor, so include as much realistic detail as possible.

    Task 4 – Planning the project               (25 marks)                  

    Develop a Gantt chart showing key activities in developing your new business stream AND building your first website.

    • For business development activities, think about how you would collect, process and use the information needed in your business model.
    • For the application, think about how you would use the project management methods you have learned about in this unit.

    Plan for six months’ duration, and insert milestones as well as tasks. You may include one page documenting your assumptions.

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