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    For the Australian economy

    1. Comment on its fiscal performance over the period of last twelve years about 300 words. [5 marks]
    2. Critically analyze the reasons for this performance about 1200 words [10 marks]
    3. What are the major challenges Australia faces in bringing the budget back to surplus  in about 500 words. [5 marks]

    The following factors will be taken into account in grading your work:

    • The depth of your reading and understanding of the topic. At this level of study you are expected to read widely, and obtain more than just a superficial knowledge of the subject matter.
    • Your ability to understand and communicate the concepts involved;
    • Originality in thought and expression; and
    • Technical aspects: English expression, referencing, presentation, etc.


    • This assignment is worth 20% of the total assessment for this unit with a total expected word count of 2000 words.
    • A word count must be stated on the assignment.
    • This assignment is due in Week 10, Friday 18 May 5 pm. and will be returned in Week 12. You can submit online or harcopy.
    • Make sure you answer all of the sub-parts of the question.
    • The whole assignment should be submitted as one document.
    • Penalties apply for late submission and is one mark for each working day. Requests for extensions must be made before the due date.
    • The assignment cover sheet must be attached.
    • Include a bibliography. Use APA citation for footnotes and bibliography. Incomplete or inaccurate bibliographies will be penalized. Assignments submitted without a bibliography will not be accepted.
    • Do not plagiarise. Extensive plagiarism will result in zero marks for the assignment and may lead to your exclusion from the University according to its plagiarism policy. When you paraphrase another person’s argument, exposition, or interpretation; or borrow another person’s distinctive phrase, concept, suggestion, or factual finding, you must indicate this by immediately acknowledging the source.

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