MAN203: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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    Code: MAN203

    Subject: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Assessment 2 – Individual Report – Analyse and evaluate the supply chain and logistics operations of a nominated enterprise
    Length: 1500 words +/- 10%
    Assessment brief
    You are to research only one (1) of the two (2) nominated organizations and then write a comprehensive report that describes, analyses and evaluates the supply chain and the associated logistics operations of that organisation.
    Your report should concentrate on providing valid information that contributes to answering the following questions.
    1. What is the history of the enterprise?
    2. In what markets does the organisation operate and what is the scope of its operations?
    3. Using both a descriptive narrative and a supporting diagram to illustrate your answer, what are the characteristics of the organisation’s supply chain and logistical operational activity?
    4. What are three (3) activities that the organisation is using to ensure its supply chain is sustainable and in what ways is the organisation influencing all elements of its supply chain to adopt sustainable practices?
    5. How does the organisation collaborate with its suppliers and logistics partners to ensure end-customer satisfaction with its products or services?
    You are expected to conduct your own research to help you answer these questions. As an indication, a satisfactory level of research would be evidenced by the presence of at least 12 references in the Reference List. As with all Kaplan assessments, your Reference List must be formatted strictly to the Harvard style.
    Your reference material may be in the form of texts, academic journals, business journals and reports, organisational websites and reports, newspapers, magazine articles and even transcripts of television and radio interviews and investigations.
    On-line sources of information that have no established academic reliability such as Wikipedia, Slideshare, Business balls etc. are to be avoided.
    When writing a formal business report, your submission must conform to the conventions that underpin the report structure. Every report should have the following sections:

    • Title page

    • Table of contents

    • Executive summary

    • Introduction

    • Discussion

    • Conclusion

    • Recommendations (if appropriate)

    • References

    • Appendices

    Assessment 2 – T3 2018 The two organisations that can be used as the focus for analysis are:

    1. Bunnings, or

    2. Woolworths

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