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Managing the Digital Enterprise

Assessment Task Brief 1 Module Title: Managing the Digital Enterprise Assessment Title: Coursework Assessment Task 1 (Report) Individual/Group: Individual Weighting: 50% Submission Date: See Assessment Diary Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework Your deadlines for all your coursework can be accessed via Blackboard.  Please ensure you check this and that you know when all your submission deadlines are due.  Full – Time Students An electronic copy must also be submitted via Turnitin from the module Blackboard site Task Details Coursework Assessment Task 1 (Report):  weighting 50% of the final module mark (word limit: 2,000 words +/- 10%)   LOs 1…


BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement

Code: BSBMGT608 Subject: Manage innovation and continuous improvement  Assessment task 1 Question 1 a) Explain in a paragraph what is the relationship between continuous improvement, innovation and organizational learning b) Map the process for baking a cake, identify where you think improvements can be made in the process. For example, can time be saved or steps eliminated? (150 words) Question 2 Choose a product or service in your organization and map its supply chain. If you are not currently working, map the supply chain for the production of a chocolate bar. You may create a flow chart or describe the elements….


MBA501 Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy Development Report

Code: MBA501 Subject Name: Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation Assessment Title: Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy Development Report Assessment Description You are required to research Tesla Motors and develop a Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy Development Report. As a starting point, listen to the BBC interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk; The report should include an Executive Summary, Table of Content, and cover the following key focus areas. A. Introduction to Tesla Motors This section should include an introduction to Tesla Motors. Need to capture the vision and mission of the company with recent developments, challenges, and industry trends. Essential to provide a…


MAN203: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Code: MAN203 Subject: Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assessment 2 – Individual Report – Analyse and evaluate the supply chain and logistics operations of a nominated enterprise Length: 1500 words +/- 10% Assessment brief You are to research only one (1) of the two (2) nominated organizations and then write a comprehensive report that describes, analyses and evaluates the supply chain and the associated logistics operations of that organisation. Your report should concentrate on providing valid information that contributes to answering the following questions. 1. What is the history of the enterprise? 2. In what markets does the organisation operate and what…


WUCB130: Introduction to Management

Purpose Students need to demonstrate: 1. They have identified one management problem 2. Know how to solve it 3. How they are going to argue that their solution is correct Essay Outline Structure Step 1 – Summary of the newspaper article briefly say (approximately 50 words): a. what is the newspaper about? b. what is the situation or context? c. Where does it take place? d. Who is involved, affected or might be interested? Step 2 – Identify the management problem briefly say (approximately 25 words): a. What is the main management problem? Step 3 – What is the solution? briefly…


BUS705 Innovation and Management Decision Making Assessment Task 1: Blog post

Code: BUS705 Subject: Innovation and Management Decision Making Assessment Task 1: Blog post Write a professional blog article on how forces (trends) in the business environment require organizations/companies to be innovative, using examples, data, and image(s) as evidence for your claim. Ensure the arguments within your blog article are supported by credible theory, evidence, and examples. To do so, select one or two of the forces that we examined in week one and draw on external, real-world information as well as one or two other relevant concepts from the first weeks of the course to make your argument. Examples: You might…


MBA401: People, culture and contemporary leadership

Subject Code: MBA401 Subject Name: People, culture and contemporary leadership Word Count: 1,500 words Assessment Description Pick any organisation of your choice. It must be an organisation for which it’s possible to access information about its HR practices. Using a report format, address the following factors: 1. How is the organisation trying to improve the performance of its workforce? 2. How is the organisation trying to improve its culture? 3. How is the organisation trying to improve rates of employee engagement? 4. What recommendations do you have that could enhance those three HR strategies? To sufficiently answer those questions, you need…


MGT536 201860 AA Additional Assessment item

Code: MGT536 Subject: MGT536 201860 AA Additional Assessment item The topic Today’s leaders operate in a world that is uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous. Organisations today are undergoing major challenges: globalisation, rapidly changing technology, the growing need for innovation, climate change and resource scarcity. Leaders have to learn how to lead people in their organisations effectively in the midst of all this turmoil. Select two internationally or nationally (i.e. Australian) recognised business leaders; discuss and analyse how their leadership style has helped them address some of these challenges. Critically evaluate how each leader’s practice of leadership impacts the success of their organisation. You should…

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