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    Questions (120 – 150 words per question) 

    1. Identify the key aspects of leadership (in this case of the team), planning, strategy, human resource management and organisational culture outlined in this case.

    2. Applying this sporting case example to a business team context, what do you think are key elements of change management?

    3. Postecoglou seemed to set up a smoothly running and successful operation during his time at the Roar. His job title was that of manager, although the case argues that he was more of a leader. Do you agree with that assessment? Why or why not, and what is the difference between the two?

    4. Explain the disadvantages and advantages of cross-functional teams. Provide an example of a cross-functional team situation at the Brisbane Roar.

    5. Sporting teams rise and fall, and inevitably will drop out of finals contention. What do you think the Brisbane Roar (includes manager and team) can do to maintain its success? Consider the SMART principle of planning and also the strategic tool, SWOT analysis.

    6. According to the Blake Mouton Leadership Grid what type of leadership style does Postecoglou exhibit? Explain your answer with evidence from the case study.

    7. Of the four types of culture, which one do you think the Brisbane Roar best represents. Explain the your answer with evidence from the course that aligns with the definition of the type of culture you have chosen.

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